We Design & Build Easy-to-Use Enterprise Online Applications

It gives you a system level integration to build your online spreadsheet so that our technology partners can integrate into their client offerings. READ MORE.
Hiring Open Source
An open source event/schedule widget for your application. READ MORE.

Work with teams
We believe in the multi-disciplinary approach to design software, and we run successful brainstorming and design meetings where everyone generates and makes design choice.
Feel-good design
We see beyond users. We see people with goals, hopes, dreams and limitations. Design should not just enable them to accomplish tasks, but to make them feel good about themselves.
Care quality
We have design and delivered over 20 products and what we delivered never needed a user manual to educate the users on how to use it. If it needs to be explained, then we did not do our job right.
We see our clients as partners, and help you to define the problem.
Then deliver the solution.
Let's work together!
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